12 Ideas On Why You Should Have Started Chiropractic 10 Years Ago.

  1. Health is simple disease is complicated.
  2. Spine-related disability is on the rise, and low back pain is now the leading cause of global disability
  3. Disability from other musculoskeletal disorders has also increased nearly 50%
  4. Life with pain interferes with work, financial stability, family, sleep, activity, etc.
  5. Drugs and surgeries should be avoided unless it’s an absolute emergency
  6. You want to function at high-to-normal levels with your healthiest years ahead of you
  7. When the spine is not aligned it can impact the function of the nervous system.
  8. Chiropractic looks to eliminate the root cause and can help co-manage a variety of conditions.
  9. Degeneration and an inflexible spine is not due directly to aging, but occupation, lifestyle, nutrition, and daily movement patterns.
  10. Research supports the notion that chiropractic is effective for prevention and as a first-line treatment for neuromuscular pain
  11. It’s an investment in your health and opportunity to learn how to interact with your nervous system.
  12. Adjustments and soft tissue manipulation may promote range of motion, sensory and motor control, and overall joint health.