Long term activation of stress disrupts all of the body's processes

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Below I provide a summary that highlights the types of dysfunction one may experience due to overexposure to stress. If you watched the clip, I corrected a slip of the tongue. I replaced sleep deprived with sleep de-fried and I own that folly. Now for the comparison.

Overexposure to Cortisol

Normal Cortisol Release

Medically Reliant


Immunity Suppression (vulnerable
to disease)

Increase in sympathetic activity

Diminished Self-Regulation

Chronic Inflammation

Brain Atrophy

Physiologic Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance (i.e. decrease in Thyroid hormone)

Weight gain/obesity

Weakened Bones

Healthy State

Rested and Recovered

Increased Immunity

Increase in Parasympathetic activity

Stress Tolerance

Acute Inflammation



Hormonal/Circadian balance

Normal biostatistics

Strong Bones