Up at 1 am

Let me start off by emphasizing that this post is not medical advice, but sharing something that I have found to be reenergizing and out of the norm.

It started off as an accident. My wife and I have a bedtime routine for our son. Now this routine includes reading in our bed and remaining in the bed after the lights go off. We escape once we have confirmation from the land of nod. On one particular occasion, I fell asleep (I believe it was around 9 pm) only to awake at 1 am feeling rather purposeful.  The next 5 hours were productive and therapeutic in a way that I have not experienced in a while. 

Upon review I realized that I had ample rest, no distractions, unmatched quiet (no calls, no social media, no strategic planning, no domestic responsibilities), and a sense of freedom. I began with

·      10 minute stretch/yoga/mobility routine

·      Wrote an article for my blog

·      Caught up with one podcast and discovered another

·      Did a deep dive into some research papers

·      Drafted a few emails (some personal and other business related)

·      Wrote some content for my IG account

·      Did some meditation (breathwork)

·      Trip to the Gym (30 minute workout followed by 15 minute in the sauna)

Afterwards, riding the super-achiever high, I thought to myself “ perhaps I should do this every Saturday. As the endorphins wore down, I realized that I might want some of those evenings to kick back with the wife. I decided that 1-2 per month would be a more realistic option.

Now I admit, this does not fall into the realm of orthodox productivity suggestions. However, it provided an outlet, or even better, a way to unplug. The first time was a fluke, but the 2nd and 3rd times were an exercise in simple discipline and delayed gratification.  Most people have a lot on their mind day-to-day and if your trying to be present you can't prioritize everything.  I’m going to continue the practice for now as I’m grateful for the space it creates.